Thursday, October 1, 2009

been awhile

i realize it has been awhile since anyone has posted on here. Life just keeps moving along the kids keep on growing. Connor is almost fully potty trained now which is great.Lily is just growing so fast its hard to believe she is almost 14 months old. Beth and I are house hunting, not sure when we will actually pull the trigger but we are actively looking.

Saturday, November 1, 2008

Happy Halloween

the kids had a blast out trick-or-treating last night, even though Connor would only wear part of his costume. Grandma did another great job on the kids costumes, Lily was a strawberry and Connor was a Robot, he looked like a robot from a 50's tv show. at first he just wanted to walk and all the stopping at houses was a distraction, but he got into the swing of it after a few houses. we passed a large family group while out and Connor decided to share his candy with another little boy. it was nice to see him sharing but i dont like the fact that Obamas message of redistributing the wealth has already affected my two yr old.

Sunday, September 21, 2008

birthday party

Yesterday was Connors 2nd birthday party and it ended up being a lot of fun. Friends came from work and old friends i havent seen in a long time came to the party. it was good to see al and steph again and to find out that they also had a child now was a nice suprise. beths friend liz came with her husband kevin and son milo, him and connor get along so good together. the kids went swimming i cooked burgers and hot dogs, it was a nice saturday morning , 100 and sunny a nice az late summer day.

i read an interesting article yesterday, it was about mccains economic experiance and contained the transcript of a speech he gave to the senate in 2005 about doing something about freddy mac and fannie mae before it ended up costing the taxpayers billions ,,sounds pretty insightful for a man the dems accuse of having no economic policy except that of the current administration.

Friday, August 15, 2008

we have decided to go in tomorrow at 8am to have my waters broken.

lily should be here tomorrow!

Thursday, August 14, 2008

still pregnant

yesterday was my original EDD. we're still pregnant. after days/weeks of prelabor, last friday i had an OB appointment at which i was 2-3cm dialated. she had me schedule my next appointment for last monday, at which i was 4cm dialated. this all after a saturday evening spent in L&D swearing up and down that my water had broken. apparently not. and no, i did not just pee myself. long story short, i've been sitting at at least 4cm since monday with irregular and random contractions and cramps.

i went to an acupuncturist yesterday because i have read that they can help induce labor naturally if you are ready. i feel at 4cm, 0 station, 80% effaced--i'm ready. i also have read that stress hormones and adrenaline can keep you from going into active labor because your body thinks you are not in a safe place to birth the baby. so i looked like a porcipine for a while, but it did relax me. i still have lots of stress but i feel like i can let it roll off a bit better right now. anyway, the natural induction can take up to 48 hours, but apparently it works in somewhere around 80% of women. i came home from that last night and was having cramps and contractions. we went for a lovely walk and they got stronger, but once we got home they died down again. i've been crampy all morning but nothing to write home about.

i'm starting to worry that when i actually do go into active labor that i'll be like 8cm dialated already and she'll just fall out. ha.

Wednesday, August 6, 2008

since connor started that one evening going potty in the toilet, we haven't had a dirty diaper to change. every single time, he's gotten either todd or i and told us that he needed to go. yay for not changing poopy diapers! oh wait. we're going to have to in like a week. ha. but seriously, newborn poo=nothing compared to toddler poo.

well now i'm feeling rushed. and as much as i want to let lily come in her own time, i really need her to get here BY the 13th. i was really set on how i don't care when she comes, she'll get here when she gets here. but todd has class the week of the 18th, which means no chance of paid days off if she comes that week. kitchell has done that for guys before so we are hoping! and the weekend of the 14th/15th i believe marge has stuff going on (that's what one of the ladies at the office told me at least) so it would be harder for her to help out with connor and whatnot. i am constantly uncomfortable and all the things i NEED to get done around the house are just impossible at this stage. so i would love to just have her here and get the recovery over with so i can get things done again!

one of our friends brought over a gift for lily this past week. a cloth diapering set with all that we need until she's 15 pounds! yay! i am so excited to start with her from the beginning. with connor, we only recently completely switched. and i know she won't fit into the one-size dipes for a bit.

i've been having lots of contractions and cramping. the other night i started timing them and they were about 30 seconds long and 3-4 minutes apart. but they never increased in intensity so i wasn't rushing off to the hospital. i've been getting little sessions like that in the evenings but i'm not going to bother timing them anymore, as they are most likely prelabor, until my water breaks for they get intense. last night it stormed a bit and it is supposed to again tonight. i sat through a few contractions in the rocking chair with the blinds open watching the storm thinking about how awesome it would be to labor like that. i love storms.

well, 39 weeks on sunday. start sending your birthing and labor vibes this way!

Thursday, July 31, 2008

so proud

Connor just went poop and pee in the potty. i doubt this is the begining of potty training but i dont think it is very far away. they grow up so fast, not even 2 yet and he wants complete independance